Returning Things You Bought

Last week I bought something at a big store, and when I came home and unpacked it, I realised it didn't work properly. Do you know this situation? When this happens, it is important to know what you can do.
In most countries, you can return the thing you bought to the shop and try to get your money back. This unit will teach you how to do this – in English! You will learn a step by step guide about how to do it and you will get to know all the vocabulary you need!
Watch the first video! Do you think this is a good way to get a refund?
Take a look at the words below. Which one of these describe the customer's behaviour? Highlight the correct answers!
This is a list of the most basic vocabulary that you need in this unit. Learn the new words!
Every person who buys something in a shop is a customer.
Item is a fancy word for "thing".
customer complaint
If you are not happy with something in the shop (an item or the service), you can make a customer complaint.
to manage
to handle/control a situation
to work properly
If something functions the way it is supposed to, it is working properly.
to be faulty
This is the opposite of working properly!
The amount of money that is returned to you is your refund.
to exchange
Instead of giving you your money back, the shop might exchange the product for another one.
The people who work in a shop (or restaurant) are the staff.
If the shop's staff help you with your complaint, they offer a good service.
Now watch the next video. In this video, Robert is going to explain to you what is important if you want to return something.
Did you listen carefully and did you understand what Robert told you? Try to fill in the gaps in the text below!
    •  When you're sure of your 
       , make your 
       to the individual or company concerned.
    •  If you can't 
       in person, get on the phone. State your grievance but stay 
       , and don't get angry.
    •  If you don't get the 
       you want, ask to speak to a 
       or see if there's a formal complaint procedure.
Now it's time to learn some more words… Can you match the words with their definitions? If you don't know a word, don't worry – just do the others first and see which definition is left…
  • to purchase
  • to return something
  • resolve
  • consumer
  • goods
  • receipt
  • someone who buys something
  • objects you buy
  • to bring back to the shop
  • solving a problem
  • piece of paper that confirms your payment
  • to buy
Now this is a step-by-step guide for returning goods to a shop. We will start with step one, of course! Watch the video!
What did you learn from the video? Choose the right answer!
    • What can you do if the goods you bought are faulty?
      • It depends on the shop.
      • That is your own problem.
      • The shops are legally obliged to give you a refund.
    • What if you bought the wrong item by mistake?
      • There is nothing you can do.
      • The shops are not legally obliged to take the item back, but often they do.
      • The shop is legally obliged to take it back within 14 days.
    • Do you have as much time as you want?
      • Yes, if the item is faulty then you can return it even one year after you bought it.
      • No, you have to go back to the shop as soon as possible or call them on the phone.
      • No, you only have half a year.
Now watch steps three and four!
Fill in the gaps in the text below! The words all come up in the video.
These are the words that you have to use: repair, staff, receipt, bank statement, refund, fault, replacement, guarantee, purchase, manufacturer
    •  If you want to return something, you need your 
       , which serves as your proof of 
       . If you don't have that anymore, a 
       might also work. Talk to a member of 
       to explain what is at 
       . Be polite and respectful. They are legally obliged to give you some sort of resolution, which could be either a 
       (if your item is broken), a 
       of your money or a 
       through a good item. If the shop cannot help you, you should try the 
       , because there could be a longer 
       on your item.
As you might have realised by now, it is crucial that you know how to express yourself if you want to "win the fight" against a shop that doesn't want to take back what you bought. So learn some more words here.

Word List: Refunds

    • provide(verb)
    • Definition:
      • to act to prepare for something
    • Example:
      • I will provide the necessary information.
    • contact(verb)
    • Definition:
      • to establish communication with something or someone
    • Example:
      • I am trying to contact my sister.
    • in the eyes of the law(Chunk)
    • Definition:
      • from a judicial perspective
    • Example:
      • In the eyes of the law, this will count as a crime.
    • compensation(noun)
    • Definition:
      • that which constitutes, or is regarded as, an equivalent; that which makes good the lack or variation of something else; that which compensates for loss or privation; amends; remuneration; recompense
    • Example:
      • Can I offer you 100 Pounds as compensation?
    • repair(verb)
    • Definition:
      • to restore to good working order, fix, or improve damaged condition; to mend; to remedy
    • Example:
      • We will repair the phone and then send it back to you.
    • replacement(noun)
    • Definition:
      • a person or thing that takes the place of another; a substitute
    • Example:
      • Mrs Smith is the replacement for Mr Jacobs.
    • guarantee(noun)
    • Definition:
      • a written declaration that a certain product will be fit for a purpose and work correctly
    • Example:
      • The cooker comes with a 5-year guarantee.
    • resolve(verb)
    • Definition:
      • to find a solution to (a problem)
    • Example:
      • After two weeks of bickering, they finally resolved their differences.
    • legally obliged(Chunk)
    • Definition:
      • to be forced to do something by law
    • Example:
      • He is legally obliged to give you back your money if the product is not working properly.
Train the words with the vocabulary trainer now.

Vocabulary trainer

What would you like displayed?
Which content would you like to enter?
Fill in the gaps below with the new words you learned today!
    •  Excuse me, I would like to get a 
       for this 
       . I 
       (simple past) it here yesterday and when I got home I realised it didn't work properly – it is 
       . Here is my 
       , to prove that I bought it here in this shop only yesterday. You are legally 
       to provide me with some sort of resolution, so I would like to ask you to simply give me a 
       , I would just like to have my money back.
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