Ordering Things on the Phone

Many people like to order things on the phone and have them brought to their homes rather than going to a shop. When was the last time you ordered a pizza on the phone? This unit will deal with several of these situations, teaching you the vocabulary and grammar you need and getting you well prepared for real action!
I was allowed to observe a telephone call between a person who wanted to buy flowers and a salesperson. But before we start with the video, it would be good to catch up on some vocabulary.
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home delivery service
If you get things brought to your home you use the…
delivery man
The person who delivers your order is the…
bouquet of flowers
On a special day you might want to send someone a…
The thing (flowers, pizza…) you tell them to bring you is called your…
Now we will listen to the conversation for the first time. Don't worry if you don't understand everything – we will go through it in more detail, more slowly later on.
Watch the video! Pay attention to the questions the two people ask each other!
Can you answer these basic questions about what has happened in the video?
    • Hi, I would like to…
      • … have an order.
      • … make an order.
      • … place an order.
    • What kind of flowers does the girlfriend like?
      • Roses and sunflowers.
      • Sunflowers and lilies.
      • Lilies and roses.
    • Does the girlfriend like the colour pink?
      • She hates red.
      • She hates pink.
      • She hates red and yellow.
    • What type of flowers does the salesman suggest?
      • Roses
      • Pink roses
      • Lilies
    • How much does the bouquet cost?
      • 15
      • 22
      • 21.75
If you have a phone conversation, it can easily happen that you don't understand what the other person is saying and that you need to ask again. Therefore, we will have a look at the different types of questions that you might want to ask or that the other person might ask you.
Watch the video clips and learn about asking questions!
We use what to ask for:
  • details
  • explanations
  • information
  • What would you like to order?
  • What kinds of flowers do you like?
  • What kind of pizza do you want?
  • What was it that you just said?
Watch the next part of the video!
We use which make a choice between several options.
  • Which size do you want, small or medium?
  • Which one do you like best?
  • Which colour would you prefer?
Watch the third part of the video!
We use how much to ask about the price of something.
  • How much do the flowers cost?
  • How much is the pizza?
  • How much do I owe you?
  • How much is that, then?
One last part of the video! Go ahead!
Adding a preposition can change the meaning of a word. If you say "How about?", you make a suggestion.
  • How about some red roses?
  • How about a pizza with tuna?
Fill in the gaps with the missing question words "what", "which", "how about" and "how much"!
    •  sort of flowers do you want?

    •  I don't know 
       colours you have to offer!

    •  Can you tell me 
       this is going to cost?

    •  one is yours?

    •  some red roses?

    •  We have red and yellow lilies, 
       colour do you prefer?

Now imagine you are at home on a rainy day and you want to order some pizza for you and your friends. You call the pizza service.
Match questions and answers! This is the first part of the dialogue!
  • I want three medium sized pizzas.
  • Okay, I will go with what you recommend, then!
  • Hello, I would like to order some pizza.
  • What type do you recommend?
  • Hello, how can I help you?
  • Okay, how many pizzas do you want?
  • I recommend the pizza of the month, with vegetables and different sorts of cheese.
  • What type of pizza do you want?
Continue the dialogue! Highlight the text in different colours. Find the pairs!
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Can I pay by credit card or do you prefer cash?
We prefer cash, if you don't mind.
Where do you want me to bring the pizza?
We live in Lonholme Road 15.
How much is that then?
That is £16.50.
Thank you, see you in a bit!
Thank you for your order.
We'll be there in about 40 minutes.
How much time will that take?
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